The essential component to measuring the success of any talent strategy…

Tracking is an essential element of any talent strategy, but it can be challenging, especially when you have a large pool of potential candidates.

When it comes to talent tracking and setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), it’s important to take a strategic and data-driven approach.

We begin by collecting data on current performance levels and establishing a starting point for improvement. From these baseline metrics, we’ll help you define the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help you track progress and measure success.

Once in place, we constantly monitor progress on a regular basis and make adjustments where necessary. This may involve tweaking your talent strategy, adjusting targets, or implementing new initiatives to improve performance.

Taking this approach we can ensure that your business is attracting, developing, and retaining the talent it needs to succeed.


We track performance of our programs on three specific levels:

Mapping, Sourcing and Activation: The initial quality of the candidate shortlist and the percentage of those accepted by the business – it’s a pre-requisite as far as we are concerned. We also track how many of those candidates are retained throughout the journey.

Candidate engagement journey: We’ll help you develop a content strategy is designed to create specific touchpoints throughout the candidate journey which allow us to track, on an individual level, and understand the depth of the relationship and levels of engagement in your brand. We score every interaction to give us a clear picture of who is and, most importantly, who isn’t engaging in the program. For example:

  1. Participation in live events or webinars
  2. Digital landing page visits, clicks and downloads
  3. Participation in feedback surveys
  4. Brand performance ratings

Conversion & Insights: The most important statistics are based on conversion. We measure the performance of our initiatives based on meeting the needs of the client, which means we measure the rate of hire from the candidate pool, the length of time to hire, the cost of hire etc.

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