To Us, Diversity Matters

Diversity & Inclusion is more than a business consideration it’s a moral obligation

It’s well recognised that the business case for diversity is stronger than ever. The most diverse companies are now more likely than ever to outperform non-diverse companies on profitability. Yet despite the facts progress overall has been slow.

At Manners Maclean we believe that it’s part of our mission to ensure that we promote Diversity of thought. It’s our responsibility to contribute to shaping businesses of the future by providing our clients with access to the best candidates irrespective of gender, race, sexuality, disability or socioeconomic background.

To us it’s more than just a simple business consideration, it’s a moral obligation.

And we’re proud to say that we partner with clients, across the globe, building diverse leadership teams, across their businesses and regions, that are fully representative and as diverse as the customers they serve.

Our DE&I commitment

That’s why we created teams dedicated to providing D&I talent solutions

We’re committed to ensuring that for each and every leadership initiative we will provide as diverse a range of candidates as possible.  This commitment is clearly evident when considering that 73% of our placements in 2021 were termed ‘diverse hires’.

Since 2009 we’ve made DE&I our priority. That’s why we created teams dedicated to providing D&I talent solutions, who’s role it is to proactively track diverse talent across all of our specialist consumer sectors, globally.

We constantly monitor trends and apply our own research and insights to continually enhance our own D&I proposition, as well as provide the latest advice to clients, on the adoption of D&I policies and how best to strengthen them to improve the engagement strategy more effective in attracting diverse candidates.

Some of the brands we’ve delivered successful D&I projects with…

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