Driven by people, powered by insight


A modern, strategic, consultancy that provides talent solutions to the global consumer goods sector.

Our service goes well beyond identifying, attracting and retaining the best talent. We help clients innovate, expand, and succeed by creating a gateway to new markets, new geographies and the talent to guarantee success.

Applied using a unique and robust methodology and process, driven by data and insight, we build talent strategies that deliver sustainable results across all the key business critical functions.


Our research, analysis and insight allows you to make better business decisions…

Talent Intelligence is the cornerstone of our business.

The strength of our research team, backed by the latest technology allows us to constantly interrogate the talent market to create live ‘pools’ of suitably screened passive candidates.

In addition, we talk to people every day who share their opinions, their observations. We do our own research and gather all sorts of valuable information and insights. As a consequence, we see the live trends that are happening in our clients’ markets, very often before they recognise them for themselves.

This information and this data is invaluable and can be applied to ensure that clients can adapt and develop their talent strategies and ensure that they stay ahead of the curve by making better, more informed decisions.

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It’s simple…

Data + Insight + Intelligent, strategic talent solutions = MATHS

(Map, Attract, Track, Hire, Solution)

We’ve re-engineered recruitment to make sure we help you attract and retain employees who’ll improve business.

MATHS is our own unique, outcome-based, strategic methodology, combining a number of processes and designed to increase your ability to attract and recruit the best talent available to take your business forward.

It’s a blend of sector and geographical insights, deep analysis into your organisational needs, competitor benchmarking and the application of data to identify the best available candidates with the skills and experience your business needs.


That deliver sustainable results…

At Manners Maclean, we appreciate that every client is different, each with their own vision, complexities and challenges.  No two requirements are the same and ‘one size does not fit all’, therefore our service offerings are tailored to reflect this.

Whether your talent strategy is based on driving corporate D&I initiatives, addressing the acceleration of digitisation, business restructuring or transformation or creating a leadership team to drive growth and performance, we’ll help you navigate the way through to success.

Understanding your business objectives is our starting point. Everything we do after that is based on providing the right outcome for you. In fact, our comprehensive portfolio of data driven solutions have been intelligently created to enable us to provide efficient and effective programs flexible enough to meet the demands, and budgets, of any client.


It makes sense to work with a team who know your sector…

At Manners Maclean we bring a cumulative 150+ years of experience, working with clients across a core group of consumer facing sectors, including FMCG, CPG, Consumer Healthcare, Luxury Goods and the Retail market, to name but a few.

Our Consumer sector specialism combined with our candidate network in both established and emerging markets across the world, is unparalleled.  This knowledge underpins what we do and with the support of our in-house research capability, we offer a ‘world-class’ service to clients large and small, advising both senior level and high potential hiring and talent pipelining initiatives across the globe.


Operating solely across the Consumer Goods, Retail & Consumer Health sectors. Not diluting sector and knowledge base.


Full region & end market coverage and delivery. Candidates identified & benchmarked globally.


Regional Teams with end market and category specialism, making them more agile and flexible in delivery​.


And we’re a business that know no ‘boundaries’…

At Manners Maclean we’ve worked extremely hard to expand our reach beyond ‘normal’ boundaries and we now demonstrate a proven capability to operate successfully across both the established key global business hubs and underdeveloped markets/Regions.

As a result we have developed a reputation for being able to identify and introduce high potential and experienced business professionals right across the globe.


Minimal restrictive covenants across FMCG, Retail & Consumer Healthcare sectors globally, giving us the whole market from which to source talent.


International footprint enables a far greater operational spread and exposure to returning nationals.


Over 10 different languages spoken​

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