Where do we find the talent we’re looking for? Where are they employed? How extensive is the audience? How diverse is this talent?

In a difficult market it’s not always easy to identify the right candidates that suit your business needs, particularly if your searching for senior leadership positions or roles that are in high demand and therefore, potentially, candidate scarce.

Our Talent Mapping solution is a crucial component of your talent planning strategy. It’s a process that allows you to qualify and quantify the market and confidentially assess prospective candidates from a distance.

Backed by our research team we’ll help you interrogate the talent market in your sector to understand the significant demographics including diversity, mobility trends and prominent employers, answering your key search questions: Where do we find the Talent we need? How diverse is this ‘pool’ of talent? Where are they currently employed? Are the skills we need widely available?

By understanding these critical factors we’ll help you define and/or refine your talent strategy. We’ll help you identify the skills required to drive the business forward. We’ll help you understand how your business performs against your competitors and plan how and where improvements can be made to enhance your employer brand.

Usually a pre-cursor to our talent pipelining program Talent Mapping defines the successful route to hiring the best candidates more effectively and efficiently.


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