A clearer understanding of the talent landscape. Make your business decisions based on knowledge not assumption…

Talent Intelligence is a dedicated solution that provides you with the information you need to gain a competitive advantage and allows you to make better more informed business decisions to drive your talent strategy.

With Talent Intelligence, we can help you understand the trends, challenges and opportunities facing your business, and provide a view of the major players that will allow you to craft a strategy that fits your needs.

The strength of our research team, coupled with a cumulative 150+ years of specialist experience provided by our consultants, and backed by the latest technology allows us to constantly interrogate the talent market.

We talk to professionals every day, building relationships with people who share their opinions, their observations, creating the informal channels that allow us to obtain strategic and unique insights unavailable from other sources.

When we interrogate our dedicated research programs we begin to see live trends that are happening in our clients’ markets, very often before they recognise them for themselves.


We know our industry and the sectors, categories and functions we operate within.

We go beyond the data to get the real story behind what’s happening in your markets and how you can use that information to make smarter business decisions. We don’t just collect information—we make sure you have access to the people who matter most: potential candidates, your customers, competitors, and other key stakeholders in your industry.

Our channels and methods provide insights into markets that might take months to gather by traditional means. We work with you to identify new opportunities based on what we’ve learned about your industry’s key players, emerging talent, and trends over time. And we do all of this faster than anyone else—without sacrificing accuracy or quality!

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