Executive Outplacement

Executive outplacement solutions for responsible companies whose staff have been effected by redundancy

Executive Outplacement Services

Things sometimes happen in a business, which can’t be avoided, but do have an effect on it’s employees. We offer Outplacement Solutions that are available for responsible businesses who want to look after staff that, unfortunately have been effected by redundancy caused by downsizing, restructuring or changing business strategies.

The rationale for employing outplacement services:

1. Ensure former employees are professionally partnered throughout the often-stressful process of career transition.

2. Preserve morale of remaining team with demonstrative evidence that former colleagues are being financially & emotionally supported.

3. Employee engagement remains high, Employer Brand remains strong.

4. Increase likelihood of securing new role efficiently & reduce brand damage of long-term unemployment after your organisation.

Whilst many businesses are now offering Technology only solutions. Manners Maclean still deliver through a largely hands-on personal approach.

Our executive outplacement capability

On average executives in the UK stay in role for 6.6 years and 5 years in the US according to a BBC report in 2017. Changing jobs after 5 years can be a daunting prospect for anyone and confidence can be easily lost as the job search can be a grueling process.

Our executive outplacement is bespoke. Above all our key goal is to ensure that your outgoing employees stay motivated and positive about the changes they face.

We make it personal by delivering workshops in person or over video calls. These workshops cover all of the aspects they’ll need to help them through, including CV writing, CV reviews, cover letter skills as well as sales techniques that recruiters have used for years to allow candidates to best perform in the job market.

We will tailor a strategy for their re-entry into the job market to gain traction straight away and get an efficient return to work. Executive level roles traditionally have a longer recruitment process, and we help them manage the process to get offers on the table as soon as possible whilst helping them to stay motivated.

The value of our support is well recognised

My experience with Rob Gordon and Manners McLean was smooth, professional and very effective.

I felt supported and my needs were catered for as an individual client and not as a CV.

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